A flock of stitched birds

Well, here it is! ‘Flock’ my first quilted wall hanging. I’ve wanted to show you this for a while, but was waiting for some decent daylight to photograph it!

Flock, wall hanging. Stephanie Boon, 2012

Flock, Stephanie Boon, 2012

As I think I mentioned before, I used some of the Valori Wells fabrics I won in a Hopeful Threads giveaway. I was planning on making a table runner, but somehow it just developed into a hanging! You could still use it as a runner though, as the ‘hanger’ is simply a dowel rod slipped into corner triangles on the back.  It also looks great thrown over the back of a chair too.

'Flock', textile wall hanging. Details of embroidered birds. Stephanie Boon, 2012/

Details of the flock!

Three of the birds are free-machine embroidered, like a drawing. I love this technique; you gradually ‘draw’ an image by guiding the sewing machine needle slowly by hand. I worked from my own sketches to get the embroidery how I wanted it, and the bird in the top left of the mosaic turned out to be my favourite – I like the way he seems to be looking at the bird above (very fanciful)!

Each of these birds has hand quilting behind it, which throws the bird into relief.

Flock, wall hanging - detail of embroidered bird. Stephanie Boon 2012

Detail of hand quilting.

Other areas of the quilt are fairly densely quilted by machine in straight lines, some perpendicular to others. I love the texture of this sort of quilting and the way it plays in the light. It’s heightened in places by the soft sheen of the subtle variegated thread that I used.

Flock, textile wall hanging. Detail. Stephanie Boon, 2012

Lovely variegated thread.

Finally, I think I’ll show you the back!

Flock, wall hanging. Reverse. Stephanie Boon, 2012


I pieced it in used linens and cottons and appliquéd a couple of raw edge patches. You can’t see the machine quilting, but I wanted the hand quilting to be visible to create a ‘shabby’, used kind of effect. You can see the two blue triangles at the top where you can slide a dowel rod for hanging. And that’s it, my first piece in Valori Wells fabric! All thanks to Kristy at Hopeful Threads 🙂

This piece is now available to buy in my newly opened store. Why not go and have a look!

Stephie x


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