A Shirt Story

It doesn’t look much, but this old dress shirt means a lot to me. I’ve had it 30 years. I got it from a charity shop in Falmouth when I was a student at Falmouth School of Art, so it wasn’t new then. Who knows how old it is, but it’s definitely in the vintage category.

Vintage Harrods dress shirt in crisp white cotton. © Stephanie Boon, 2014. www.dawnchorusstudio.com

Sentimental shirt.

I used to wear it over leggings with a wide belt around my hips to hold it together.

© Stephanie Boon, 2014. www.dawnchorusstudio.com Wearing a vintage shirt at college.

At college. Loving the old patchwork cushion just in shot on the right!

I had several of them, but this one was my absolute favourite. The quality of the fabric was special, a really high thread count and extremely soft against the skin.

Vintage Harrods dress shirt in crisp white cotton.(image shows the label) © Stephanie Boon, 2014. www.dawnchorusstudio.com

Harrods label

It was originally from Harrods, so probably cost a small fortune. I wonder where it’d been before I got my grubby (painty) little mitts all over it?  It could of seen some grand hotels or extravagant dances in its past life. Then it came to me and was worn in the streets of Falmouth, in painting studios and on the beach. It even lived on a boat for a while. Probably not the sort of boat it would have been accustomed to, not a cruise liner. No. An old admiral’s launch that sat on the mud most of the time.

Then, more than a decade later I was wearing it when my son was born. Yes, it was that big!

Wearing a vintage shirt in labour. © Stephanie Boon, 2014. www.dawnchorusstudio.com

In labour.

It was laundered and ironed, but still showed signs of marks and age.

Vintage Harrods dress shirt in crisp white cotton. © Stephanie Boon, 2014. www.dawnchorusstudio.com

Rust marks

And then it sat tucked up in my wardrobe for another decade and a half, sometimes taken out and felt, looked at and remembered. Always with fondness.

And now it’s becoming something else. Something I hope will be cherished just as much.

Vintage Harrods label being used in a quilt block. © Stephanie Boon, 2014. www.dawnchorusstudio.com

Incorporated into a quilt block

And for many more years to come.

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2 replies
  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    Oh, weren’t we all so pretty when we were young… and none of us knew it!
    I loved your Ocean Waves pillows from vintage mens shirts and know this will be just as wonderful. Especially loving the label. So darn it, there’s more stuff to save.

    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      Ann that really made me laugh! And this is going to be an Ocean Waves quilt, from men’s shirts, entirely inspired by your wonderful quilt! (And I’m only planning to have the one label, so don’t blame me, haha!)


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