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Paul Loders Field

Unison pastel on A3 paper (sketchbook).

Pastel drawing on A3 paper, 'Paul Loder's Field' © Stephanie Boon, 2015

Paul Loder’s Field

It was a bright, clear February afternoon, but bitterly cold. I went for a walk dressed in 7 layers of clothing, rucksack on my back and freshly brewed coffee in my flask. I ended up taking a short route of about 3 miles or so looking for somewhere to draw the low winter light before the sun fell behind the horizon. After a couple of miles I wandered up through familiar fields eventually settling on a spot in the middle of a field belonging to a local beef farmer: his Charolais cattle are probably in sheds at this time of year.

I sat on the cold, wet ground just off the trampled footpath that crosses diagonally to a stile that meets the road. I didn’t see anyone else for the hour and a half or so I sat there with my sketchbook on my lap.  I was frustrated with my drawing attempts. I had in mind something more abstract that would capture the atmosphere I felt, conveyed in shifts of colour to capture my mood, but the drawing became more literal than I intended. Though not lacking in atmosphere, perhaps.

As I was working I wanted the page to be bigger, to be using a fluid medium and not to be so damn cold. I wanted the light to last longer. I wanted more colours in my box.  Nothing felt right. As I got up to leave I turned to look behind me and saw the large deep pink sun dip quickly behind the hills. The sky looked hazy, wispy shades of pink and trails of white.

I’ll go back to look and feel again. Soon.

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