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Full on Copper 2013 inside 1

Collage art has become an important medium for me. I use mixed media and often incorporate textiles, stitch, personal ephemera and text (I write most of the text, including the poetry, myself). Sometimes my collages include original drawings, like the piece below.

Full on Copper (mixed media collage art) © Stephanie Boon, 2013

Full on Copper (front)

Full on Copper (December 2013) is made in a simple book format (although there aren’t many leaves inside) on hand made paper. When it’s closed it’s roughly 20cm x 16cm (8″ x 6.25″).

I love the textures and layers I can create with mixed media collage art, in both thought and surface. This one is really tactile and I think that’s why I like the smallish size: it fits in your hands perfectly.

On the front cover there’s some pasted text which reads ‘red’ (top left) and ‘stitch all round the slit for strength’ (under the fabric). You might be interested to know that the text is cut from a 1940’s book on needlecraft! (Don’t worry, it wasn’t in good condition!) I choose text that’s pertinent to my thoughts and the feelings I want to convey – and I can spend hours poring over a book until I find the right words. The book I used for this piece is itself important to me: it’s a needlework book that my mother gave me.  I could carry on describing it, but it is, after all, meant to speak for itself, so here it is, Full On Copper:

Full On Copper

An intense red light
seeps across the folds
of a half remembered landscape,
catching the eye as it glints
on the damp air.

Feelings of hope
for love and desire
ripple across the skin,
to hold and be held
is all there is.

You watch as the leaves fall
full on copper
and for one, sweet moment,
it seems it might be worth
the heartache of clinging on.

© Stephanie Boon, 2013


Full on Copper (mixed media collage art) © Stephanie Boon, 2013

Front cover detail (turned 90 degrees). Includes a gouache painting of a dried leaf overlaid with transparent fabric and held down with hand stitching. The fabric is from a dress I wore as a 10 year old child. Text reads ‘stitch all around the slit for strength’.


Full on Copper (mixed media collage art) © Stephanie Boon, 2013

Full on Copper (centre). On the left side is a manipulated image of a local wood in dappled sunlight. Other details below.


Full on Copper (mixed media collage art) © Stephanie Boon, 2013

Centre (right leaf detail) – including a small original line drawing of a female nude and dried leaf under transparent fabric stitched down by hand (text reads ‘desired’)


Full on Copper (mixed media collage art) © Stephanie Boon, 2013

The centre with the drawing folded back to fully reveal the poem and leaf on the right. The text on the left reads ‘autumn’, ‘the right colour’ and on the folded back drawing ‘legs towards you’. The full poem is written above and a detail shown in the collage below.


Full on Copper (mixed media collage art) Poem © Stephanie Boon, 2013

Full On Copper (poem in the centre of the work – text also at the top of the page)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this one from the archives. I’m working on another small piece of collage art at the moment that has a similar aesthetic quality and I look forward to showing it to you when I finish it. I’ve got a  feeling it might become the first one of a new series.

Have a great start to the weekend everyone and see you tomorrow for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy.

Until then, happy stitching

Signature: Stephie © Stephanie Boon, 2015

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8 replies
    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      I love writing Maureen, so thank you for taking the time to read it. If I’m honest, I sometimes get a bit shy with the things I write (this kind of thing especially) – I often think a real writer will come along at scoff at my ineptitude!!! Hope you’ve had a lovely (and no doubt warm!) weekend 🙂

  1. Kaja
    Kaja says:

    I love collage as an art form – the put-togetherness of it, which is to say the thought behind the selections, the sense of someone responding to one item/image with another, the layering of visual components and meaning – and thisreally is a beautiful piece – oh, and I love the title too.

    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      Thank you so much Kaja. It’s really interesting that you see the response of one item to another during the process of making. Some people seem to believe that you have a finished image in your mind before you start and just go about creating that, which really isn’t the case at all. I generally have a feeling of something I want to explore and convey and then look for the materials that will help me do that, and of course that means responding and adjusting as you go along. Especially if what you want to convey shifts during the process too!


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