© Stephanie Boon, 2017. Cornwall, UK All Rights Reserved. How to use a binding tool to make bias binding for a quilt

How To Use A Binding Tool

The Simple, Accurate Way To Make Custom Bias Binding

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The binding tool makes easy work of creating metres of accurate binding, saving you time to finish up your quilt with a beautiful, professional bound edge.

What Is It?

It’s a small, hand held tool that accurately folds a strip of fabric ready to use for bias binding. All you do is feed the fabric through and press as you go.


First of all you need to decide which size tool to use because each tool makes one size binding.  A good size binding tool for a quilt is about 25mm (1″) wide (assuming you’re using quilting cottons and a wadding with average loft).  It’s handy to have a few sizes though for different weight fabrics, especially if you make other things too, like clothes.

Find out what else you need to make your binding below.