Prosperity is a small hand quilted wall quilt by © Stephanie Boon, 2017.
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Walking's Where It's At

Oh boy, I had no idea it's been so long since I posted! Quilting is still going on in these parts, but it's taken a bit of a back seat for a while because I've decided to do some training in something a bit different... Walking Walking…
Scawswater Coins - a patchwork quilt in progress inspired by the traditional Chinese Coins design. © Stephanie Boon, 2017.

'Scawswater Coins' (A Local Version of Chinese Coins!)

Challenging Coins A few weeks (months?!) back Ann and Kaja invited us to join them on an AHIQ patchwork challenge and I said I'd join in. The challenge was to make a quilt inspired by the traditional Chinese Coins design, simple horizontal…
Star patchwork made with 6 point diamonds in progress. © Stephanie Boon, 2017.

Once Upon A Time... A Quilter Had A Plan

  The Plan Once upon a time there was a quilter who had a plan, and the plan was a good one. She really enjoys English paper piecing so she decided to use her scraps to make a simple star quilt. A hand pieced quilt takes months to…
Making a star patchwork with English paper piecing. © Stephanie Boon, 2017.
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Starry Landscapes And My Instagram

Hello and happy Wednesday! Comments Sad news: the comments still aren't working around here, so it feels a bit lonely and like I'm talking to myself (actually, that's nothing new!). Lack of conversation is the reason I didn't post last week,…
Plain Sewing improv patchwork in progress. © Stephanie Boon, 2017.

Plain Hand Sewing For Slow Sunday Stitching

Break Up Well helloooo! It's great to be back after such a long unforeseen (and unwelcome) break - I've missed you very much. I buggered up the site. Well and truly broke it - you may have noticed. It was a simple enough job to reload a…
© Stephanie Boon, 2017. Cornwall, UK All Rights Reserved Patchwork quilt top in progress

The No Measuring Quilt Size Method For The Numerically Challenged

Deadline's come and go, but self imposed ones seem to endlessly shift about. My quilt top 'Fete' is a case in point. It was meant to be finished last year (well, the whole quilt was meant to be finished), then I had to shift the date and planned…
Patchwork quilt top, with circles and lots of hand stitching. Natural and blue colour palette. © Stephanie Boon, 2017. Cornwall, UK All Rights Reserved Plain Sewing, work in process

A gentle Journey In Circles and Slow Stitching

Grey, dreary and overcast. The weather matched my mood when I laid out my Plain Sewing circles  to see how far I'd got this month. It's amazing what a little stitching a day does. I'm further along than I realised. I haven't done half…
Plain Sewing, a quilt top in progress. © Stephanie Boon, 2017.
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Losing Stitching Time To Sleep

Sunday. The one day of the week we deliberately slow down, put aside some time for slow stitching and quiet thoughts. It's a lazy day for some, resting after a busy week, de-stressing. My body de-stresses in the most inconvenient way possible…

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