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Grow your Colour Confidence

There are some quilters out there that create unique colour schemes with confidence and panache – and now you can learn to do it too! This series teaches you how. Follow along and join in the challenges to put some personality into your quilts! Your colour confidence will begin to grow and your quilts will be fresh and exciting. The good news is that you don’t need to understand theory to do it.

 Colour confidence is about letting go of right and wrong!

The secret is understanding how certain colour combinations make you feel. The series starts with some basic skills that’ll help you build confidence you need. Because that’s really all it is: confidence! Once you’ve practiced some basics with the weekly challenges, follow along for ideas and inspiration and you’ll soon be making quilts that could only have been made by you!

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Fabric strips stitched together to make a monochrome scheme inspired by Dulux colour cards. © Stephanie Boon, 2015
Colour: Matching a range of fabrics to the selvedge dots. © Stephanie Boon, 2015
Design a digital colour palette with Colorlovers
Looking at blue and red colour value in an improv quilt Floating Squares © Stephanie Boon, 2015
Colour inspiration for a quilt: seashells and a fossil in pinkish hues. © Stephanie Boon, 2015
Designing a colour palette inspired by autumn (picture of autumn leaves in reds and golds)
 Winter colour - field of brassica under a cover of snow, with hills and a viaduct in the background. Shown alongside fabric colour palette © Stephanie Boon, 2015
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