Even astronauts quilt!


“I don’t hand-sew all that much on Earth”,  Karen Nyberg

This has got to be my new favourite quote of all time, ever!!!!

This is definitely one for the super-geeks: Karen’s making patchwork in space! Her out-of-this-world-made-in-space star block will be part of a star quilt celebrating the 40th International Festival of Quilts in Houston next year and you’re invited to submit a block for it too!  You can find out a bit more here on makezine.com.

Boy has it got my mind whirring!  What would you make?  And, if you had to make it space, you know, zero gravity, no sewing machine…what do you think would be most troublesome about the task?!  Threading a needle? I have enough problems with that here on Terra Firma! I think I’d probably be most worried about stray needles and pins puncturing my colleagues – or their space suits, eek! I’m pretty lackadaisical in the dropped pin department – I figure I’ll find them again when I need them. Something tells me that wouldn’t be the case on the International Space Station, haha! Can you imagine “Houston we have a problem: Boon’s forgotten her pincushion”!

Ahem. Something tells me it’s time for a cup of coffee.  Will you be giving a star block a go? I’m pretty tempted :)

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