Louise Bourgeois, Stitches in Time, Frances Morris

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Louise Bourgeois, Stitches in Time by Frances Morris

Louise bourgeois, Stitches in Time. Frances Morris.

Without a doubt, Louise Bourgeois is one of my favourite artists; possibly my most favourite. I’ve got lots of art books on my shelves, but this little one, Louise Bourgeois Stitches in Time, I come back to again and again. Just for a flick through. A quick reminder.

I have the 2005 edition, which was published to coincide with an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami.”In this book, Frances Morris presents a selection of the artist’s recent work with a major focus on fabric sculptures and prints”, it declares on the back – and for its diminutive size it packs a fairly punchy pictorial guide to some of her major works, alongside an interesting essay by Morris.

If you don’t know much about Bourgeois, other than her giant spider bronzes, you might be surprised to know that textiles have a pivotal role in both her life and work. Her mother’s family business restored antique tapestries from the medieval and Renaissance period and her mother and father continued the family business restoring and selling antique tapestries and furniture.

Her fabric sculptures, from her later works, are amazing, but the ones I love the most are her figures. Some are life size suspended eerily from above and there are small, fetishistic doll size figures that you wouldn’t want to give to a child to play with!

They can look crudely stitched and patched, like trying to contain ourselves or holding us together. Just so incredibly powerful and moving.


Louise Bourgeois, Stitches in Time by Frances Morris

Untitled, tapestry and aluminium, 2002. From the book Stitches in Time

There are also lots of 2-dimensional textile works, and just a couple are featured in the book. Graphic, assertive. Very male to me in many ways.

Louise Bourgeois, Stitches in Time by Frances Morris

Untitled, woven fabric, 2002. From the book Stitches in Time

This book is the perfect introduction to her work, giving a little information about her career, the major themes of her work and short extracts from her writings and interviews. It’s illustrated in black and white as well as colour. To finish it off there’s also a chronology and a further reading list.

I love it, and if you fancy a read I highly recommend it! Louise Bourgeois: Stitches in Time.

Enjoy the sunshine today 🙂

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