On a rainy Sunday

I’ve been feeling reflective today, after what feels like a busy week catching up with friends. I love the hustle and bustle, the laughter that goes with that, but I always feel like I need to retreat and spend time on my own again. I’m happy in my own company.

This morning as I sat and stitched simple straight lines on my August Rain quilt again with a big stitch, I noticed shafts of bright sunlight cross a picture on my wall. I thought to myself that I ought to move it, otherwise it’ll fade. But suddenly it would be in shadow again as a dark rain cloud passed by. Eventually the sunlight just disappeared, washed out by heavy rain. I noticed how dull and blunt my needle had become, the way the resistance had changed as it pierced the fabric. My stitching looked inconsistent, which rankles a little, but not enough for me to rip it out. Maybe inconsistent stitches will tell a story, rather than be an indicator of sloppy craftsmanship. Or so I muse.

August Rain string quilt, centre panel being quilted, © Stephanie Boon, 2014, www.DawnChorusStudio.com

Quilting the centre panel with straight lines

This evening as I picked it up to work on again I tell myself I should be more careful, concentrate on making the stitches more regular and even. And I do. Which makes this morning’s stitching look even more inconsistent. But I’m still not going to rip them out. It’s interesting to see my mind wandering in a stitch. I wonder what I was daydreaming about. And I think to myself that next time, next time I’ll make something as exquisite as the quilted petticoats I saw in the V&A a couple of weeks ago.

Big stitch quilting. © Stephanie Boon, 2014, www.DawnChorusStudio.com

Inconsistent big stitch

I would love to be able to quilt like that, with the tiniest stitches, but so far I haven’t mastered it in a thicker sandwich. Maybe I don’t try slowly enough, rush, but I tell myself I just don’t know how, I haven’t found the right technique. But that’s what I love about slow stitching, even with the simplest of running stitches, there’s still so much to learn.

I hope your Sunday was a relaxing one.  Linking up with Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching – and looking forward to seeing what everyone’s been up to this week, coming over too?

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    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      Thanks Dina! I guess if I want perfect stitches I’d do it by machine, but I really don’t enjoy machine quilting that much and I can live with a bit of inconsistency! Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

  1. Karen Goad
    Karen Goad says:

    love your blues! what size perle are you using? I have only done a little big stitch quilting and see that those that use some of the thicker thread have more problems with it. I have tried size 12 perle and it worked out ok

    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      I think it’s a 12 Karen, but the label’s missing! I’ve used much thicker which gives a lovely decorative stitch, but you do have to make them quite big. I can get smaller stitches with this one, it seems to be somewhere between the heavier weight and the usual hand quilting cotton. I’m enjoying very much, but am itching to do some teeny weeny stitching too!

  2. LeeAnna Paylor
    LeeAnna Paylor says:

    inconsistent stitching?? Well, it’s done by a human say I. It takes a big mistake before I rip out.
    Inconsistencies become consistent with enough of them!!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Kaja
    Kaja says:

    Great post! I NEVER rip stitches out but have found that since I switched from basically a running stitch to a rocking quilting stitch my stitches have got both smaller and more even. We are our own toughest critics but anyone else who looks closely enough at a beautiful quilt like yours to fuss about inconsistencies in the stitch probably needs to get out more 🙂

    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      Haha Kaja that really made me laugh! Especially because after I read your post and noticed you were using a hoop I got mine out again last night and decided I’m going to conquer the rocking stitch once and for all – and I was very pleased with my wonky efforts! The last few times I tried I just couldn’t get up any fabric from the back, but I adjusted my technique and what do you know it works!!! So, a big thank you to you for giving me the inspiration to try again!!!


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