Sewing solace

I’m not going to lie and pretend to be all jolly: it’s been pretty pants here this weekend. Totally crap. A fox got my chickens, all 6 of them. I’m pretty attached to my chickens and loved spending time with them. It’s so weird not hearing Handsome Harry crowing, or having them all run over to greet me every time I go out of the door. The run is just a mass of feathers, and bits of what I can only think are bone. I can’t face going in there to clean it out; it’s heartbreaking.

Kim’s with his dad so I stayed indoors all day Sunday on my own. Being single with no transport and a painful foot is no fun at all in times like these: times you really want a hug and there’s no one there to hug you. So I took solace in sewing, as you probably do if you’re a quilter.

English Paper Pieced hexagon quilt in progress. © Stephanie Boon, Dawn Chorus Studio, 2013

The hexagon quilt is growing well

I find comfort in hand sewing so got out my hexie quilt and have managed to bring it on quite well. When I originally started sewing the black around the flowers I went off in a kind of hickeldy pickledy fashion, going wherever the fancy took me, but more recently I’ve wanted to complete it in rows. I think it’s so that I can get a clear picture of how far I’ve got. This weekend I decided to focus on getting 4 rows complete, and I did.  So far I’ve stitched black hexies around 22 flowers and it measures about 85 x 127 cm  (33 x 50″). The hexagons are largish with 4 cm (1.5″) sides and 7 cm (2.75″) diameters – I wanted a bold modern look and I’m pretty pleased with the decision. So far!

English Paper Pieced hexagon quilt in progress. © Stephanie Boon, Dawn Chorus Studio, 2013


My original plan was to make a lap quilt, but the best laid plans and all that… Now I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be too difficult to carry on and make it a quilt to fit a single bed (91 cm × 190 cm/36 in × 75 in). By the way, if you get confused about mattress sizes/names (who me?!) Wikipedia has a great description of names and their sizes from countries all over the world here – worth bookmarking I think!! Anyway, if I do make a single size quilt, I reckon it needs to be just over twice the size it is now to make a panel that will cover the mattress top and then I’d add about 18″ worth of border/s all round…  To make the centre panel I think I’d need another 5 rows, so that’s 27 flowers.  I’ve already got another 12 made, so just 15 to go!!!

What would you do? Go for it? I’m planning to hand quilt it all as well…and with everything else I’ve got on the go I guess that means it could take a while!

By the way, did you notice the similarity between this and my Grandma’s Hothouse Cushion? Guess where the inspiration for the cushion came from!!! (That was a difficult question 😀 ) I’ve been really encouraged by the downloads I’ve been getting for my first ever free pattern on Craftsy and I’m itching to do some more, ooh but what to choose? What would you do, another English Paper Piecing pattern or something altogether different?  I’d love your ideas!

In the mean time here’s the pattern if you’d like to take a look 🙂 (Just click on the image to download the pdf).)

Grandma's Hothouse Cushion (pillow). A free patchwork and quilting pattern. © Stephanie Boon, Dawn Chorus Studio, 2013

I hope your weekend was less traumatic and troubling than mine and that you had some fun and sunshine.  Back soon.

Happy sewing

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  1. Susan Owenby
    Susan Owenby says:

    Shit Steph. That’s really really crappy. I’m sorry to hear about your chickens.

    I hate that you had such a tough day, but I’m impressed you managed to find solace in something other than nothing (which is usually my M.O.). I love the hexie quilt, it should be really special when it is all done!

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    So sorry about the chickens. Dealing with the aftermath is painful too. Your quilt looks beautiful; it does remind me of your cushion. Enjoy the process; I’d continue since it interests you.

  3. The Sassy Quilter
    The Sassy Quilter says:

    So sorry about your chickens Steph:( I know it can be hard to keep the critters from getting them. My neighbor is always fighting them off, but they usually only get one or two! Hope things look up soon, keep quilting! Loving your hexies<3

  4. Stephie
    Stephie says:

    Thank you so much for all your comments. With chickens you do expect to lose the odd one here and there (and I have), but the shock of losing them all at once was distressing – I still can’t face going in to the run to clear up, as you say Ann, it’s an “aftermath”. Been sewing again today…a couple of Ocean Wave blocks, which wasn’t something I expected to be doing!!! x

  5. Monica
    Monica says:

    oh no! not your chickens… I’m so sorry Steph…

    (but the quilt is gorgeous. Totally gorgeous. The black is just perfect)

  6. Nina Madhatter
    Nina Madhatter says:

    I am so sorry for your loss…I made a much smaller version of the quilt you are making…I tied the quilt instead of quilting the layers together…I found a thread that was black and had sheen to it and tied around the center flower at all 6 corners to try and give it a “stamen effect”…I will come back to see your treatment of quilting it. Right now I am loving doing framed hexagons and even made a jacket from some of them I am on Pinterest if you want a good laugh to cheer you….Nina Madhatter


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