Show and Tell

Meet Janie: she’s a knitter.  It’s been a life-long hobby and sometimes those knitting needles move so fast without her even looking at them I wonder if she’s actually human!

Janie Knitting at the Norway Inn. © Stephanie Boon, 2014


We’ve been friends for a very long time and meet up once a week for a catch up and crafty ‘show and tell’ session. The meeting place usually involves an old pub, lunch and a coffee or two, maybe a cider in the summer. In the winter months we like to find somewhere with an open fire where we can while a way a couple of hours sewing and knitting. It can be a bit disappointing, like yesterday when we got to the Norway Inn and the fire wasn’t lit. A real fire does add to the ambiance of a crafty session! It makes you feel like you’re in some past century where life was slower and simpler. Probably.

This week Janie amazed me with her forward planning: she’s started knitting Christmas stockings already! She’s using a Debbie Bliss pattern in the lovely book The Knitter’s Year, 52 Simple Seasonal Knits. There are all kinds of small projects from scarves and cushions to slippers. It’s full of inspiring photos and the patterns must be pretty well written as Janie’s knitted several things now.

Jane Knitting a Christmas Stocking at the Norway Inn, Cornwall, Jan 2014. © Stephanie Boon, 2014

Janie’s stocking underway

I have no doubt that by the time I see her next week this one will be finished and she’ll be on to the next one!

As for my show and tell, well it’s actually something Janie asked me to run up for her: a pillow cover in some Sanderson fabric she had. I’ve finished the front with some outline quilting and machine embroidery, just got to sew it all together now, so that’ll be another one ticked off for next week 🙂

© Stephanie Boon, 2014, Dandelion Clocks quilting detail

Dandelion Clocks

© Stephanie Boon, 2014, Dandelion Clocks quilting detail

Machine embroidery / quilting detail

As for sewing in the pub, I reckon most of my hexie quilt has been done on Thursday afternoons! I’ve got the coloured border on all four sides now and I’m gearing up for the appliqué borders next. But I’ll save that news for next time.

I’m still struggling a bit with keeping on top of things, and the new medication I’m on just seems to make me sleep the whole time, so I hope you’ll bear with me as I try and get my blogging life back together. In the mean time I’ve been trying to exercise a bit and get some fresh air and you can read a bit about a walking challenge I’ve just taken up on my other blog Narrative Self. Come and see some pictures of the beautiful place I’m lucky enough to live in! Not much hope of getting out and about this weekend though; we’re in for torrential rain and gales. I hope you have some lovely things planned, maybe the bad forecast will inspire me to get on with those borders!  Speak soon.

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