Stitching and knitting on an autumn day

View from St Agnes Beacon, 22 Sept 2012
View from St Agnes Beacon, 22 Sept 2012

A blustery climb up St Agnes Beacon

Yesterday’s weather didn’t hold. The glorious sunshine lasted just a short time before the grey clouds came rolling in.  It’s beginning to feel like we need to batten down the hatches. I love that feeling more than anything at this time of year, shutting out the world and building a nest.

When I went for a tramp up the Beacon yesterday I was glad I’d put on a woolly hat and scarf, people in the village at the bottom of the hill probably thought I was mad but by the time I got to the top it was blowing a gale and my ears were aching from the cold. Good decision. The breath of fresh air was just what I needed, seeing the change in the season before my eyes. The deep purple heather is beginning to turn a beautiful ochre and the bracken a deep sienna. So inspiring.

When I got home it was time for some knitting and a bit of stitching…

Double stitch in Rowan Purelife Renew

Heathery colours for autumn


Joining linen patches with whip-stitch

Practicing whip-stich to join a nine-patch

It’s windy and raining today. More hunkering down and knitting required. How about you?

Stephie x

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  1. Christine Bell
    Christine Bell says:

    Stephie, I love when you post pictures of your walks, if I cannot be there in person, at least I can enjoy it through you. p.s. next time can you please swing the camera to the south and I might spot our barn 🙂 xx

    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      Thank you Christine!! If only I had a camera with a telephoto lense – hmmm I think I might have a son with one I could borrow! (He’s doing photography GCSE now and is really enthusiastic about it, so lovely to see 🙂 ) (By the way, although I haven’t posted there for a few days or so, I’m still planning to update with posts about walks and runs) xx


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