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I'm artist and quilter Stephanie Boon (Stephie for short) and I'm really glad you've come by because there are so many inspiring things for you to discover here. Find out more about the blog and me on the welcome page, or just dive in and join in the fun!

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Stitching while the birds sing

Wrack and ruin. That’s my garden at the moment. So I was delighted when I went out after the heavy rain today and found enough roses to make this sweet little posy. Pretty over the moon I can tell you!

Green vase of garden roses. © Stephanie Boon, 2014 www.dawnchorusstudio.com

From the garden

I was so disorganised this year that even forgot to sow my beloved sweet peas that I like to scent and colour my home the whole summer long. Still, these aren’t a bad second best are they?! And they do smell heavenly as I sit here at my desk beside the open window listening to the blackbirds sing as I write and sew (the white rose with the yellow centre is a highly scented rambler called Wedding Day). It’s raining really heavily again now, with a faint rumble of thunder in the distance; I’ll be surprised if there are many blooms left by morning so I think I should make the most of these while I can!

Have you seen the Dawn Chorus Studio Facebook page recently? I’ve been trying to post much more regularly (daily if I can!) with lots of pictures of inspiring things I’ve come across from all over the world, including pictures of quilts, great patterns, colours and textures; the picture of my roses reminds me of some beautiful images of Kaffe Fassett flowers I posted the other day. Oh and if I come across any great giveaways or fabric deals I’ve been posting those too (as well as a sneak peek of something new I’m working on); come on over and and share what’s inspiring you, I’d really love to see you there and have a chat :)

Until then, back soon and happy sewing


signature, Stephie x
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2 comments to Stitching while the birds sing

  • Ada

    It is so nice to have flowers from your garden in the house.The roses look beautiful. My garden is a bit in distress, because I was busy with other projects. My roses live for a day because of the extreme heat we are having at the moment. So I cut them immediately and put them in the house. They stay a bit longer. My gardenia is flowering and I put the flowers together with the roses. Lovely smell in the house!

    • I completely agree Ada, flowers from the garden brought inside are magical, especially scented ones. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have extreme heat, an even better reason to bring your lovely blooms inside if it’s too hot to enjoy them outside. The closest I have been to plants growing in extreme heat is in The Eden Project biomes! As well as the Mediterranean Biome (where there’s a display of Californian plants), there’s also the Rainforest Biome “The largest conservatory in the world!” – it’s such an awe-inspiring place to visit, and only 20 miles or so from home. Very lucky to have it on my doorstep!

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