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It’s all very exciting here in the studio.  Ok, I lie, but it will be very exciting once I get going on the Artist Trading Card swap! In the mean time, I’m getting excited thinking about it.  I was lucky enough to find out about the swap in time to join in and was recently allocated a swap partner, eek!  The idea is that you make a textile card about the size of a business card and send it to your partner, who could be anywhere in the world. You’ll then receive one in return (though not necessarily from the person you sent yours to).  It’s a bit like some mail art projects I’ve taken part in the past.  The theme for this swap is ‘getting away from it all’ and I’ve got about two weeks or so to come up with the goods.  Undoubtedly I’ll leave it ’til the last minute as usual 😀  but I’m telling you now so that you can nag me about it, haha!!  Take a look at some of the cards people made last year over in the Flickr group; it looks like a lot of fun was had!

I wonder if any of my lovely friends have taken part in such a swap – or a quilt block swap?  I’d love to hear about it if you have – what were the highs and lows?  Anything I should be aware of? (Please don’t say “meeting deadlines”!!!!)

Finally today, here’s a random picture of some actual sewing I have done!  Well, appliqué that’s in progress at any rate…any guesses as to what it might be?!

Christmas applique in progress, © Stephanie Boon, 2014 www.DawnChorusStudio.com

Jingle bells, jingle bells…

I think I may be getting delirious now!  Time to get on with that string quilt I mentioned yesterday – back tomorrow with some photos and an update.

Until then, happy sewing!


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  1. sally
    sally says:

    I spotted the card swap just too late, but I’m hoping to get involved next time around. Look forward to seeing yours – given and received, and I was sure your applique in progress was an octopus’ tentacles before I read the caption and saw it was Christmassy fabric! Kind of hoping it’s not an octopus now!

    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      Hi Sally, that made me laugh! Hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll be revealing it on Friday, so pop back to find out 😀 The card swap was great fun and if you get the chance next time I’d definitely go for it.


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