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I'm artist and quilter Stephanie Boon (Stephie for short) and I'm really glad you've come by because there are so many inspiring things for you to discover here. Find out more about the blog and me on the welcome page, or just dive in and join in the fun!

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Waves of inspiration

Well hello, here comes the weekend already! Onwards and upwards with Operation Get Christmas Presents Made here! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

A few months ago I was inspired to give the Ocean Waves patchwork block a go after seeing a quilt in Densye Schmidt’s excellent book Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration and then this totally fabulous borderless quilt that Ann from Fret Not Yourself finished earlier this year (I can’t tell you how much I love the sense of movement Ann created with her wonderful colour placings – the eye just dances around catching those reds and oranges amongst all the calm blues –  I could look at it for hours!)

Ocean Waves © Ann Brooks, http://fretnotyourself.blogspot.co.uk

Ocean Waves © Ann Brooks, Fret Not Yourself (Click on the image to go to Ann’s inspiring blog)

My own efforts weren’t quite what I was hoping for! For all my quandaries about my limited stash collection I’ve actually been given/collected a number of worn men’s shirts over the last couple of years which I think will look great repurposed in this design. So I got my pencils out and planned a quilt for a single bed knowing it would be quite a lot of work and thinking that maybe I’d take a year or two (or four!) to complete it, as I’d want to hand quilt it. So I duly made a start and although my first two blocks were a bit clumsy they were passable enough. The next two were better quality,  but over all I wasn’t happy with the finished size (they came out much smaller than I intended) and decided I’m going to make them a good few inches bigger (around 10 – 12″ perhaps instead of the 8″ these finished at; more experiments to follow). So I put them to one side and forgot about them whilst I got on with other projects.

© Stephanie Boon 2013, www.DawnChorusStudio.com.  Ocean waves patchwork pillow/cushion Centre detail with blanket stitch patch and buttons.

Ocean Waves pillow

Then earlier this week, as I was wracking my brains about what to make for a particular male of the species (aren’t they always the hardest to make for?!) I had a bit of an epiphany, dug out these 4 little orphan blocks and put them together to make this lovely soft cushion. And I’m over the moon – giving it away might be harder than I thought! I made a modification to the traditional design by adding an appliqué patch to the centre: there was a pretty big white space slap bang in the middle and I felt the centre really needed to have a more interesting focal point than that! It was also a very handy solution to covering up the fact that my four blocks didn’t quite meet up together in the middle either, but I’ll gloss over that bit and focus on the positive outcome instead, haha!

© Stephanie Boon 2013, www.DawnChorusStudio.com. Ocean waves patchwork pillow/cushion Centre detail with blanket stitch patch and buttons.

The centre panel

As I was needle turning the patch in place I was thinking about Victoria Gertenbach’s Work Quilts series (also check out her wonderful blog The Silly Boodilly) and thought maybe it would be fun to emphasise the utilitarian quality of the shirtings, so I embellished the patch with blanket stitch and buttons and gave the opening on the back a shirt quality too. Pleased indeed! (It doesn’t happen very often for me, so please bear with me whilst I bask in the glow of ‘success’!!!)
© Stephanie Boon 2013, www.DawnChorusStudio.com.  Ocean waves patchwork pillow/cushion Centre detail with blanket stitch patch and buttons.

The simple back

So it’s not just a gift to cross off the ‘to make’ list, but something that reminds me of the people that wore some of the shirts, quilters that inspire me and part of the quilting tradition I love: waste not want not :) Good times!


signature, Stephie x

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