Weekend applique

Patchwork appliqué flowers, © Stephanie Boon, 2014 www.DawnChorusStudio.com

A festive flower garden!

Festive things at this time of year? I know, I know it’s terrible! But I’m finally realising us quilters need plenty of time if we’re going to get things all sewn up for the big holiday in, ahem, four months’ time!  So this weekend I tried out some new needle turn appliqué patterns: hearts, flowers and birds with a Scandinavian feel. (Still loving these Henley Studio ‘Scandi’ fabrics – follow the link for more details, but for a more scrappy feel I’ve mixed in prints from Moda too.)

Patchwork appliqué hearts, © Stephanie Boon, 2014 www.DawnChorusStudio.com

Double hearts

Each patch finishes at 3.5″ (9cm), so they were really quick to sew, even by hand.  I love needle turn appliqué, it’s really relaxing to do and so much easier than you’d think – I can’t believe how quickly the weekend disappeared sewing these! If you fancy having a go at this type of appliqué why not try out one of my free mug-rug patterns – there’s a simple guide in each one.

Patchwork appliqué birds, © Stephanie Boon, 2014 www.DawnChorusStudio.com

A pair of birds

I’m not sure which of these new motifs if my favourite yet – the bird or the flower design; which one do you like best?

Patchwork appliqué flower, heart and birds, © Stephanie Boon, 2014 www.DawnChorusStudio.com

The full monty!

I’m stitching them together to make a border now – and I might be able to reveal what the border’s actually for at the end of the week if things keep going well, so fingers crossed!

Patchwork applique border, © Stephanie Boon, 2014, www.DawnChorusStudio.com

Stitching them together.

Before I head off for a run (apologies for the heavy clouds forming, I’m pretty sure it’s my fault!) I thought I’d show you these lovely heart and bird ribbons supplied by Betty and Lily – they have some gorgeous festive ones too if you’re feeling in the holiday mood (reindeer, reindeer!)!  Hop on over to their Facebook page to check them out and give them a like!

Ribbons by Betty and Lily. www.DawnChorusStudio.com

More folksy birds!

Happy sewing and see you later in the week 🙂

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2 replies
  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    These are darling! I like the bird best but that’s just me. They are all cute. I’m intrigued that you are making a border of them and can’t wait to see it.

    • Stephie
      Stephie says:

      It’s not a very big border Ann, don’t get too excited, hahaha!!! I think the bird is my favourite too – I can’t wait to quilt them and add some shape/texture to the wings and tail feathers 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll have it finished by the weekend – but the days seem to be going so quickly this week, eek! Hope you’re having a good week and really look forward to reading about your creative process. x


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