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Weekend applique

How was your weekend?  Did you do any quilting or sewing?

I had a great walk with Kim, my 15 year old son, on Saturday, 7 miles of chatter and the time flew by.  Get a teenager out of his bedroom and he can hold a conversation that includes more than a couple of grunts!!!  Precious.

The weather was back to being pants again yesterday, so a perfect day to stay in and sew (Kim holed up in his bedroom as usual).  I had this weird idea that I wanted to try and interpret the terracotta bull in appliqué. One of those mad ideas that you just have to see through…and as you’re stitching away you realise that you don’t actually need a psychiatrist to tell you you’ve lost your marbles!!!! You know for certain 😀

Applique toro de Pucara, quilting project. © Stephanie Boon, Dawn Chorus Studio, 2013

Gouache painting and applique of the Toro de Pucara from Peru

Well, I learnt a few things for the quilt anyway! The foremost being that I’m not keen on that forest green. Green’s never been a colour that I get over excited about, so perhaps I’ll keep it to a minimum in the final design. I love the Kaffe Fassett shot cotton terracotta that I used for his body though, I like the subtle shift in colour from the top to the bottom.

Oooh, that reminds me, have you seen this gorgeous book Kaffe Fassett Quilts Shots and Stripes?  That’s definitely one for my inspiration wish list! Anyway, I digress…

In this detail you can see how I used the circle motif that I was experimenting with earlier on in the project. I think that if I did it again, I’d do these down his chest as well, instead of trying to mimic the original decoration. I also have a better solution to those white ears that I might try too!

Applique toro de Pucara, quilting project. © Stephanie Boon, Dawn Chorus Studio, 2013

Detail of the appliqué Toro

If you turn your head to the side, you can see that I quilted the word ‘prosperity’, which is what the bulls are supposed to bring.  In retrospect I think I’d prefer it embroidered rather than quilted.

Applique toro de Pucara, quilting project. © Stephanie Boon, Dawn Chorus Studio, 2013

Little Toro to bring prosperity

I do have a strange affection for him though!  And maybe he does need a friend?!!

I also made this collage, just to look at the sort of colours I’m thinking of. There are postcards, photocopies and fabrics in this piece, ephemera I’ve had hanging around for a while. I was surprised at the amount of light tones in there, I haven’t collected many (if any!) in fabrics yet; so something else to add to the ‘to do’ list!

Collage exploring Peru colours, quilting project. © Stephanie Boon, Dawn Chorus Studio, 2013

Collage looking at colours

I’m happy with the way this project is coming along, but I’ve got some others to finish first, more on those next time!

Have a great start to the week, back soon 🙂

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